Following the arena tour, S Club 7 recorded their third television series ‘Hollywood 7’ and began work on their third album ‘Sunshine’. The album featured the floor filling “Don’t Stop Movin'” which shot straight to #1 in the UK Charts. Subsequently S Club were invited back to record their second Children in Need single ‘Have You Ever’ (which also went to #1). By the time the album was released it included previous single “Never Had A Dream Come True” and the final single “You”. The band also launched ‘S Club Search’ which found 8 hopefuls to act as opening artists for the bands second arena tour ‘S Club Carnival’. The band went on to be a band on their own. A fifth single (Stronger) was commissioned for release off of ‘Sunshine’, but cancelled following the announcement of the departure of Paul. Their final performance as a 7 piece was at The Queens Jubilee in June of 2002.

Paul’s departure didn’t pause the progress of the band, they continued recording for their fourth album and their fourth television series ‘Viva S Club’ and began work on their debut film. Their fourth album ‘Seeing Double’ launched the single ‘Alive’ and became the lowest charting S Club single coming in at #5 in the UK Charts. The bands film (Also titled ‘Seeing Double’) was released in theaters in April of 2003, around the same time during a performance of their ‘S Club United’ tour (co-headlined with S Club Juniors) S Club announced that they were splitting as a band. This caused the second single off ‘Seeing Double’ to be combined with a brand new track ‘Say Goodbye’ taken from their Greatest Hits album released in June of 2003, when the band officially parted ways.

In 2014, S Club 7 reformed for the first time since June of 2002 in a high publicized performance at BBC’s Children in Need telethon. This led to the announcement of their reunion tour ‘Bring It All Back’ which saw S Club face to face with their fans from around the world. Their reunion also saw the re-release of the bands Greatest Hits album ‘Best The Greatest Hits of S Club 7’ including an altered track listing to include ‘Rain’ a song long sought after by S Club fans. Following the commencement of the tour, S Club split ways again with expected new material to be released in 2019 for their 20th anniversary.

To date, Jo, Bradley, and Tina continue to fly the S Club flag in various venues as ‘S Club 3’ performing select songs from the bands Greatest Hits.