Potential S Club 7 reunion sparks media interest (News roundup)

Over the weekend, S Club mania erupted around the UK as news broke of a possible S Club reunion in the early stages of development to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary. It sure was nice seeing Hannah on stage with Jo, Bradley, and Tina… but we feel like there is something missing.

Rather than writing our own article, we will provide links to the articles from around the web! So get your dancing shoes on and see Rachel in Rip It Up: The 70s and get ready to have an S Club Party!!

S Club 7 to reunite as they’re ‘in talks’ for 20th anniversary tour (Heart Radio)

S Club 7 are reportedly in reunion talks and we couldn’t be more excited (Cosmopolitan)

This Is Not A Drill: S Club 7 Could Be Coming Back (Grazia)

S Club 7 in talks to reunite for 20th anniversary after splitting 16 years ago (The Sun)

S Club 7 ‘in talks’ to Bring It All Back and reunite for 20th anniversary tour (Metro)

S Club 7 in talks to perform together for first time in years for 20-year reunion (The Mirror)

Every member of S Club 7 in talks for a 20th anniversary return (MyLondon)

S Club 7 Are Bringing It All Back For A 20th Anniversary Reunion Tour (Nova 96.9 – Australian)

To take a look back on what S Club achieved in 1999, heres a brief glimpse.

“Miami 7” first aired on BBC on April 8, 1999 in the UK
“Bring It All Back” was released on June 7, 1999
“S Club 7 – Back To The 50s” originally aired on September 18, 1999
“S Club Party” was released on September 20, 1999
“S Club” (the album) was released on October 4, 1999
“S Club 7 in Miami” originally aired in the United States on Fox Family on November 6, 1999.
“It’s an S Club Thing” was released to VHS on November 22, 1999
“It’s Only Rock’n’Roll” was released in aid of Children’s Promise on December 9, 1999
“S Club 7 – Boyfriends & Birthdays originally aired on December 12, 1999
“Two In A Million \ You’re My Number One” was released on December 13, 1999

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